Presenting DKN

Our Goals

Date: 25 août 2006 - Imprimer cette page
In order to computer support the activity of diaspora knowledge networks, a "public space", a "private space" and tools for assisting knowledge management have been created.



The project’s public space is designed to assist in adjusting offer and demand for diaspora participation in country of origin development.

* On the offer side, many highly qualified members of scientific and technical diaspora living abroad are more than willing to do things for their country of origin. The DKN public space will allow them to set out their ideas, provide information on their skills and on the social networks which they would like to create.

* On the demand side, development agencies in countries of origin, receiving countries or working internationally can post information on projects, funding resources, events or other opportunities of network building for country of origin development.

Work on the initial design of the DKN Space has been done with teams from Colombia. For the moment, most of the information in the Public Space concerns the situation in Colombia. However, the list of countries will grow as people from other diasporas and other countries of origin become involved.

go to DKN Public Space


On the DKN Public Space’s Front Page a link "to the DKN Private Space" appears. When you click on that link you enter the DKN Private Space.

The private space is open to people (individuals, development agencies or others) who want assistance in mobilizing support for their projects. This assistance comes in the following forms :

* a WIKI interaction space which allows people to collectively define, discuss and analyse the specific conceptual, methodological and practical needs of their project ; go to WIKI interaction space

* a common information resource created by depositing reference documents, articles, data, bibliographies, etc. in an accessible document store. - go to DKN Document Store

  1. A document store constitutes a "library resource" for a project and as such each deposited document is catalogued as belonging to some category. Cataloguing categories are defined "bottom-up" by people who consider them useful for describing a particular aspect of the collective activity which needs to be informed. The documents filed in each category constitute the means of informing a specific aspect of collective activity.

* a listserv application providing direct Email contact with all the registered members of a project, threads for following the discussion of specific subject areas and archives for building up a memory of on-going collective action go to listserv application

* a variety of project management devices which serve a project leader for :

+ mapping out task assignments (who does what) and showing how they are interrelated go to COMPENDIUM and go to AGORAE and CALLIOPE + project planning : establishing milestones, deliverables and "things to do" [go to PIC-]


* corpus construction, validation and annotation techniques (ETIQ, Calliope and Agorae) ;

- indexing resources (natural language word extractions : ETIQ)

* cataloguing resources (clustering and automatic learning techniques)

* visualization techniques (Compendium)

These services are provided in the form of software plug-ins available through open source providers for carrying out specific knowledge management tasks.


* Un projet France-Colombie pour augmenter la résistance du manioc aux bactéries phytopathogènes. Le manioc est la base de l’alimentation de plus de 600 millions de personnes dans le monde et constitue une source de revenus importante en zone tropicale. Pour en savoir plus sur ce projet, cliquer sur le nom du projet SEQXAM

* Un projet France-Colombie en mécanique des volcanic ash soils. Ce type particulier de soil caractérise la cordillère centrale en Colombie et est à l’origine de glissements de terrain responsables de importants dégats matériaux et de pertes en vie humaine. Pour en savoir plus sur un projet de simulation numérique visant à étudier ce phénomène, cliquer sur le nom du projet GRANSOILS