Building Networks

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This space is reserved to people who want to engage in projects, offer services or interact with people in a Country of origin. Our example concerns Colombia.

Here you will find information on useful databases; addresses in Colombia and elsewhere in the World (France for the moment); funding opportunities; calls for proposals, etc.

The goal is to adjust offer and demand for projects and services of interest to both members of the Colombian diaspora abroad and Colombia itself.

Contacts in France

Decision-makers and civil servants working in the areas of scientific cooperation, including the Colombian diplomatic missions.
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Colombian databases

A list of Colombia databases offers access to scientific CV’s, funding sources for projects, financial assistance for going abroad, and much more,...
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Contacts in Colombia

The list provides a good overview of Colombian institutional contacts for help in building projects and meeting people in Columbia. It provides access to Colombian civil servants, decision-makers and other professionals (media, private sector) in the areas of science and technology, internationalization of science and education, diaspora network creation
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