Thoughts and proposals

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Here are published the DKN research in progress reports, background readings, and other documents of interest for a richer perception of questions relating to :

* the definition of diaspora knowledge networks ;

* the diaspora option as an instrument of brain gain ;

* the use of new technologies for assisting diaspora knowledge networks

Meeting on Computer Supporting Diaspora Knowledge Networks

A UNESCO-Sponsored, invitation only workshop will be held at the "Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers" in Paris on October 3-5, 2006.
Date: 19 septembre 2006 - Lire la suite ...

Agenda for the DKN Meeting, October 3-5, 2006

The Agenda includes references to background reading for the meeting.
Date: 19 septembre 2006 - Lire la suite ...

From a human capital to a social capital approach to brain gain

The "brain-drain/brain gain" situation in Colombia suggests the need to give more thought to building a "social capital approach to brain gain".
Date: 11 septembre 2006 - Lire la suite ...