FORIM : French Platform of migrations

Date: 27 septembre 2006 - Imprimer cette page
The creation of the FORIM recognizes the dual citizen involvement of migrants in France and in their countries of origin.

FORIM is a national platform gathering networks, unions and groups of migrations international solidarity organisations (OSIM) in integration actions in France and development ones abroad. It is a French association governed by the law of 1901. It was created in March 2002.

Today it represents, at a national level, some 700 associations intervening in Africa, Caribbean islands and the Pacific (Indian Ocean).

The FORIM has become a unique and exemplary institution as a forum for dialogue on development assistance policy between migrants’ associations and French administrations. It also helps for a better integration of migrant people in both places by fostering their cooperation with members of civil society, regional and local authorities and governments in the North as well as in the South.