Roberto Verzola is today a sustainable agriculture campaigner (formerly Secretary-General) of Philippine Greens, a political formation based on the principles of ecology, social justice, self-determination, and non-violence. He is also a board member of PABINHI, a network of farmers, academics and other groups and individuals practicing and advocating sustainable agriculture.
He was a member (as community representative) ot the National Biosafety Committee of the Philippines, government body that regulates genetic engineering experiments in the country. He was also a board Member and executive director of Soljuspax, a foundation that advocates safe and renewable energy sources.

Roberto Verzola got involved in campaigns and policy studies on nuclear power, renewable energy, energy efficiency, information technology, genetic engineering, intellectual property rights, organic farming, environmental issues, with special attention on technology issues and their social and environmental impact, in cooperation with various advocacy groups and social movements, since the 80s.
He is the author of “Towards a Political Economy of Information” (FNS, march 2004).

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