Publication : Patterns of Commoning

David Bollier et Silke Helfrich, membres du Commons Stratégies Group, avaient publié en 2012 "The wealth of the commons", un ouvrage collectif multiculturel réunissant 73 contributions.

Ils poursuivent et amplifient le travail avec ce second ouvrage, toujours en anglais, intitulé "Patterns of commoning", titre que nous garderons bien de traduire ! Il rassemble une cinquantaine d’articles qui décrivent des communs susceptibles d’ouvrir la voie à de nouvelles formes de production, de gouvernance et de modes de vie. Il existe en format papier et e-pub.

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Sommaire de l’ouvrage


Helmut Leitner | 15
Working with Patterns : An Introduction

Silke Helfrich | 26
Patterns of Commoning :
How We Can Bring About a Language of Commoning

Elinor Ostrom | 47
Eight Design Principles for Successful Commons

German Commons Summer School | 48 Eight Points of Orientation for Commoning

Marianne Gronemeyer | 50 Conviviality


Long-Lasting Commons

Eric Nanchen and Muriel Borgeat | 61
Bisse de Savièse : A Journey Through Time to the Irrigation System in Valais, Switzerland

Monica Vasile | 65
The Role of Memory and Identity
in the Ob tea Forest Commons of Romania

Zelealem Tefera Ashenafi | 71
The Resilience of an Indigenous Ethiopian Commons

Neighborhood Commons
Soma K P and Richa Audichya | 77 Our Ways of Knowing :
Women Protect Common Forest Rights in Rajasthan

Véronique Rioufol and Sjoerd Wartena | 83
Terre de Liens : Experiencing and Managing Farmland as Commons

Marcela Olivera | 86 Water Beyond the State

Jannis Kühne | 92
Notable Urban Commons Around the World

Biocultural Commons

David Bollier | 103
The Potato Park of Peru

Erika Styger | 108
The System of Rice Intensification
and Its International Community of Practice

David Holmgren | 113
Twelve Design Principles of Permaculture | 113

Arts and Culture Commons

Michael Peter Edson | 117
Fire and Frost : The Virtues of Treating Museums, Libraries and Archives as Commons

Dario Gentili and Andrea Mura | 122
The Birth of a Theater Commons in Rome : Fondazione Teatro Valle Bene Comune

Salvatore Iaconesi | 126 Digital Arts as a Commons

Alain Ambrosi and Frédéric Sultan | 132
Remix The Commons : An Evolving Intercultural Space for Commoning

David Bollier | 136
AS220 of Providence, Rhode Island : A Commons of, by and for Artists

Larry Harvey | 140
The Principles of Burning Man

Collaborative Technology Commons

Dorn Cox | 145
Farm Hack : A Commons for Agricultural Innovation

Julio Sanchez Onofre | 151
Arduino and the Open Hardware Revolution

Tristan Copley-Smith | 154
The Growth of Open Design and Production

Interview with Architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel | 159
On Openness, Commons & Unconditional Basic Work

Astrid Lorenzen | 167
Fab Lab St. Pauli in Hamburg

Jacques Paysan | 170
OpenSPIM : A High-Tech Commons for Research and Education

Code and Knowledge Commons

Cameron Neylon | 179
Open Access Pioneer : The Public Library of Science

Mike Linksvayer | 182
Converting Proprietary Software into a Commons : The LibreOffice Story

Mary Lou Forward | 186
OpenCourseWare and Open Education
Films and Videos About the Commons | 190

Exchange and Credit Commons

Jukka Peltokoski, Niklas Toivakainen, Tero Toivanen and Ruby van der Wekken | 195
Helsinki Timebank : Currency as a Commons

Interview with Will Ruddick | 199
How the Bangla-Pesa Tapped the Value of an Informal Community

James Stodder and Bernard Lietaer | 204 WIR Currency – Reinventing Social Exchange

Tools and Infrastructure for Commoning

Enric Senabre Hidalgo | 209
Goteo : Crowdfunding to Build New Commons

Kate Chapman | 214
Commoning in Times of Disaster :
The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Ellen Friedman | 218
Mapping Our Shared Wealth : The Cartography of the Commons

David Bollier | 223
Licenses for Commoning :
The GPL, Creative Commons Licenses and CopyFair

David Bollier, Lara Mallien & Santiago Hoerth Moura | 227 New Ventures in Commons-Based Publishing

Spaces for Co-Learning

Hannelore Hollinetz and Martin Hollinetz | 237 Otelo – Open Technology Labs in Austria

Marcos García | 240
Medialab-Prado : A Citizen Lab for Incubating Innovative Commons

Maria Bareli-Gaglia | 243
Voyaging in the Sea of Ikarian Commons and Beyond

Claudia Gómez-Portugal M. | 248
Learning as an Open Road, Learning as a Commons


An Interview with members of Cecosesola | 258
“We Are One Big Conversation” : Commoning in Venezuela

Ariadna Serra and Ale Fernandez | 265 Cooperativa Integral Catalana (CIC) :
On the Way to a Society of the Communal


Étienne Le Roy | 277
How I Have Been Conducting Research
on the Commons for Thirty Years Without Knowing It

Andrea J. Nightingale | 297
Commons and Alternative Rationalities :
Subjectivity, Emotion and the (Non)rational Commons

Anne Salmond | 309
The Fountain Of Fish : Ontological Collisions At Sea

Nigel C. Gibson | 330
The Ethical Struggle to Be Human :
A Shack Dwellers Movement in South Africa

Arturo Escobar | 348
Commons in the Pluriverse

David Sloan Wilson | 361 Generalizing the Commons

Andreas Weber | 369
Reality as Commons : A Poetics of Participation for the Anthropocene

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