Stephanie Perrin is a well known consultant in privacy and information policy issues, providing advice to industry, government, and civil society in the practical implementation of data protection policies and procedures, and on the privacy impacts of new technologies. She is the Research Coordinator for the Anonymity project, based at Ottawa University. She is a Senior Fellow of the Electronic Privacy Information Centre (EPIC) in Washington and works with other advocacy organizations in Canada and internationally.

She is the former Chief Privacy Officer of Zero-Knowledge, the first CPO in Canada, and has been active in a number of CPO associations, working with those responsible for implementing privacy in their organizations.

Stephanie was instrumental in developing Canada’s privacy and cryptography policies for over fifteen years.
Formerly the Director of Privacy Policy for Industry Canada’s Electronic Commerce Task Force, she led the legislative initiative at Industry Canada that resulted in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, privacy legislation that came into force in 2001 and has set the standard for private sector compliance. She is the principal author of a text on the Act, published by Irwin Law.

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