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ELAC - Consortium d’universités d’Europe et d’Amérique Latine

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ELAC est un réseau d’Universités au Danemark, en Espagne, au Royaume-Uni, Costa Rica, Nicaragua et Mexique.

Le consortium ELAC travaille à l’élaboration et l’application de nouvelles méthodologies d’enseignement et de recherche par les technologies de l’information et de la communication. Les TIC y sont utilisées afin de rendre les programmes d’enseignement plus flexibles et plus accessibles.

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A cooperation across the Atlantic

The ELAC-project links universities in Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico. Together these universities form a European and Latin American Consortium.

Within this consortium the Latin American partners are responsible for regional implementation of relevant courses. The European partners will provide relevant expertise to facilitate and support implementation.

Education is a construction of knowledge, experience and know-how. Information Technology is fast becoming a central part of modern society.

With the increasing need to frequently update skills and knowledge, individuals can no longer rely on their initial degree to sustain their knowledge-base throughout their career. IST provides an excellent media to enhance the possibility of making teaching programmes more flexible and accessible. However, successful use of IST requires the application of new teaching and learning methodologies.

Global effort for environmental protection

Environmental problems continue to become more complex and multifaceted and this places increasing requirements to a life-long advancement of human capacity within the field of environmental management and planning.

Most environmental education programs at university level in Latin America are dominated by traditional, discipline-oriented approaches. Yet at the same time, there is a growing understanding of environmental problems as cross-disciplinary and multi-national.

The ELAC project uses the Moodle Course Management System as its collaboration environment. This site area provides links to Moodle information, Moodle sites developed by the project for course delivery, and our virtual collaboration environment the VCE.

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