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Concours production de documentations techniques

Open Office contest starts on February 1, 2006., with the support of Team e.V. and extra sponsorship from Sun Microsystems, announces its first Developer Contest starting February 1, 2006. The goal of the developer contest is to generate more developer documentation. We are also interested in promoting to developers at the same time.

As part of the contest, developers are asked to write articles about developer topics, such as porting, add-on and filter development (e.g. new wizards, Calc functions, chart types, etc.), bug fixing, etc. Every month a committee will pick the best article from the pool of submitted articles. Articles that did not initially win will stay in the pool, so that they can still win later.

Detailed rules can be found here : The developer contest team wishes all participating developers and writers good luck ! We look forward to receiving the first articles.

Source : Developer Contest Team

Veille Vecam

Source : CRI-Greta du Velay

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