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FORIM : French Platform of migrations

The creation of the FORIM recognizes the dual citizen involvement of migrants in France and in their countries of origin.
Date: 27 septembre 2006 - Lire la suite ...

The Brain Drain is Dead, Long Live New Zealand’s Diaspora

Alan Gamlen from the Center on Migration, Policy and Society at (COMPAS) the University of Oxford analyses the role of New Zealand’s diaspora in country of origin development.
Date: 24 septembre 2006 - Lire la suite ...

Immigrant Knowledge Networks

Rudi Robinson of the Canadian North-South Institute at Ottawa studies immigrant knowledge networks as potentially non-market vehicles for technology transfer, innovation and capability building in developing countries
Date: 24 septembre 2006 - Lire la suite ...

Meeting on Computer Supporting Diaspora Knowledge Networks

A UNESCO-Sponsored, invitation only workshop will be held at the "Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers" in Paris on October 3-5, 2006.
Date: 19 septembre 2006 - Lire la suite ...

Agenda for the DKN Meeting, October 3-5, 2006

The Agenda includes references to background reading for the meeting.
Date: 19 septembre 2006 - Lire la suite ...